About Connecting Road

“Everything is connected“ (or at least that’s what the sticker on the mirror in the bathroom said). Sometimes it’s too easy to stay isolated--or to try and divide people--but we know that’s not what we are made for. Sometimes we might see the picture or movie, hear that one song or poem that seems to speak directly to what you’re going through. Maybe you end up in a conversation with somebody in a pub or a coffee shop that feels like some kind of sign that you're not alone in what you're going through or feeling. Sometimes the connections are so striking it just feels like something big is going on.

Connecting Road is a way to get connected by discussing song lyrics, spirituality, art, service, relationships, and getting involved in service to meet needs. Connecting Road isn’t about proving that any one religious or philosophical position is right, but it is about being on the road together to find the ways that our lives are connected.  We're all in it together and we all have damage--we're all broken up in some ways. If we take the time to listen to each other and seek connections instead of divisions, it makes us all better.

A few specifics that we believe are: (1) we are focused on the inclusivity of all people regardless of ethnicity, ability, gender identification, sexual orientation, economic condition, background, or religious preference; (2) we know that we are idealists, so we might have a hard time putting everything we believe into practice. We only want to say that we believe things that we can actually put into practice; (3) we believe that the human imagination is super cool, so we really love creativity and the arts--and we think everybody has the ability to express themselves creatively; (4) everyone is invited to be part of the conversation and the community, but no one has the right to challenge the basic ddignity of another person, to harm another person physically, emotionally, or spiritually; (5) connections to life are all over the place and we think that they deserve worthy conversations that share the connections.

About Conversations

One of the best ways to connect with people and ideas is through conversation.  We want to have active, lively, gracious, and fun conversations online and in person.  We’ll throw out a song, a lyric, or an idea and maybe even a possible viewpoint, but then the online conversation becomes the property of the group. In real time, conversations and asking curious questions can bring us closer to other people, but it can also show us things about ourselves. Good conversation requires the courage to tell your own story and the humility to hear the story of another person. It's really hard to hate a person once you know their story.


About Hangouts

Talking in person is still the best way to communicate.  We have weekly gatherings on Sunday mornings at St. John's United Methodist Church (4305 Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC) at 8:45am. But we have some plans to get together this fall to share conversations, good beverages and food, and fun and insightful time together.

About Connections

Lots of cool people are doing lots of cool things.  We want to plug in to the places where connections are happening.  Email us to let us know if you’ve found a cool website or blog.

About Just A Thought

Everyday we all have thoughts that come to mind that we may spend 10 seconds thinking about or we may spend 10 minutes. This blog is where connecting road’s random -yet interesting thoughts, of course will be put. We hope you comment and make us think even more.

About DIY

The goal of DIY is to have a good list of projects that anybody can work on with little or no preparation—so if you wake up on Saturday morning and decide you want to get your hands dirty in service, then you can look here on the site and find something you want to do.