Now That We Have Started

October 18, 2012 - 6:34pm -- fraser

So, Monday night was a great night.  The venue was superb.  Chandra and Jackie took great care of everybody when they needed beverages (and apparently lots of beverages were consumed).  The band was outstanding.  The hanging was banging. The crowd was wonderful--and thank you to everybody who came out.  We all had a great time.  Now the question is "what now?"

We learned a lot from the first gig, but the big thing that's been on my mind is all about being clear about what we're doing.  I am sure that I want to get people together of all faiths, if any faith at all.  I am sure that I want people to feel like they can just chill out and be themselves without judgment.  I am sure that this has to create a "WE/US" if it's going to work.  I'm also really aware that we have to figure out how to balance being in a brew pub with creating something that gets folks' stories out there.  Send me some ideas?  I'll say more about what else I learned sometime after supper tonight.....