A Year Later

May 3, 2014 - 2:16am -- fraser

Man, it's wild reading stuff that I wrote a year ago. It boggles the mind to consider how much changes in a year. The radio show is off and running ever since June 2013 and I've honestly been swamped to the point that I almost dont even know exactly what all I've been up to. It's odd how that happens.

Right now, I'm getting myself psyched for the Carolina Rebellion, which is this weekend. Last year the Rebellion was my first chance to be around a bunch of other radio folks and a bunch of bands all in the same place. But this year, the station that airs my show is hardly present at all given that their format has softened and the folks I was with last year wont be here. It's different because I think I owe them a lot, maybe still more than I could have realized. Every week since June I've been playing music that I love and talking about lyrics and life and how music is a way that we map our lives. So it makes sense, I guess, that part of the figuring out what little twists this ride has taken would rightly include a rock festival--kind of like a big intersection in the road. But I guess that if I took time to look back, it's still just as odd to me the role that music plays in my figuring things out--lots of signs along the road, right?

Folks go through all kinds of joys and tragedies in their lives, some more "rest-of-my-life" altering than others. Sometimes those changes happen within a mere year. As I have started reading comments from folks who listen to my show or from my friends or family, some have more time to reflect than others do; some wish to reflect more than others. But it never ceases to amaze me how many are sorting through their stuff with music.