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Sandy is a Bitch, but So Am I

It's so easy to watch the news like it's a movie, like it's all make believe. But when you know it's not just a movie, when you know that people are hurting and scared and broken hearted, it seems you ought to do something.  It's hard to know what to do, though.

Photo Contests, Beer, Music--What Are We Doing?

So, now that it's been more than a week since I've updated the blog (and been called out on it), I think I ought to try and be clearer about what Connecting Road is and isn't.  Ok, it isn't a church, at least not in the sense of preaching and judging and telling folks how they need fixing.

Now That We Have Started

So, Monday night was a great night.  The venue was superb.  Chandra and Jackie took great care of everybody when they needed beverages (and apparently lots of beverages were consumed).  The band was outstanding.  The hanging was banging.

To the Hills

Tonight, after I ride bikes with my daughter, after my son says something snarky about how my music isn't as cool as I think it is, and after I've finished the hunt for my work boots, I'll get in the car and drive to the mountains.  I grew up in a small town where this time of year always evokes

To the Hills

I'm driving up to my hometown for a couple days.  Every time I go hometown in the mountains, my mind floods with memories. 

Tolerance Is Ok. But what else have you got?

American and global cultures are painfully conflicted. No doubt, living with all kinds of people who are very different can be difficult.  For the last part of the 20th century, folks started talking about the need for tolerance.

finding the city's heart

I don't know if we're basking in an afterglow of the crazy week that was the DNC, but Charlotte certainly showed off for the world this week.  Every day, I descended into the depths of the Epicenter, which had been claimed by MSNBC.

Stories and Songs


“Music can change the world because it can change people."               --Bono


Radio Spots

So, since I have been lousy at figuring out how to post the radio spots that have been running on 106.5 fm in Charlotte (aka, WEND), they haven't been available--until now.  So, without anymore blathering, I figure I should start posting some of the radio spots.

Meet the Chairman of the Board

When he was young, Fraser discovered his life’s calling: chewing on stuff, particularly rawhides, underwear, and socks.