When I first moved to Charlotte a couple of years ago, this song debuted on 106.5.  It's a good song, though the video frustrates me a bit.  So often we end up with that crazy wanderlust--the desire to go somewhere, sometimes just anywhere.  It's not a bad impulse, unless you're prone to impulsiveness of the dysfunctinal sort.  It can be good to be impatient sometimes, even to the point that you're ready to move on with things, turn a new page and start a new chapter--hell, you might even just need to start a new book. 

Our lives are our stories to write and a lot of the time, we just sit back and let things happen to us and then we adapt.  A lot of the time, though, we do something different because it was just time.  It's a pretty powerful feeling when you roll down the windows and change the story you're living, especially when you feel like you're being drawn by an energy, a power that is bigger than you, and you just know it's right.  Maybe it is time to change.  Change is not so bad sometimes, especially when we end up being more proud of the story our lives write.

So, this week, seeing the aftermath of Sandy in the northeast, I can't help but pay attention to the fact that a narrative is playing out and people are writing it with every choice they make: should there be a marathon or not? Where is the relief to Staten Island? What is the best response for those of us across the country?  Maybe...this is a chance for us to write the story of our generation by actually doing more than sitting on our asses--we can be a part of something far bigger than just ourselves.

If you want to do more than just watch the tragedy and healing unfold, then email your ideas to  Let's see what we come up with.