Why is it that we spend so much of our lifetimes doing things and staying caught up in things that we have no passion for?  Sometimes we get so lulled by the day to day of our lives that we stop asking what we want out of our lives.  

One of my favorite new bands, Pop Evil, hits the theme in a few different ways in the video to "Trenches."  But, while I usually post the "official video" to songs here, I don't always think they help understand or relate to the songs--often it's more the opposite.  What I like about this song, aside from the fact that it's a perfect song to work out with, is that the band's healthy respect for noise raises the intensity of how we make decisions about what is and what isn't going to determine our lives.  When you make a decision to get out of a bad relationship, to quit a destructive job, to take a risk in your life, it's often helpful to have some loud and energetic music to help assist in the motivation of said change.  Isn't that true?  What do you think?